1. Ilan Benatar


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  2. Hello

    My name is Ilan Benatar.

    I'm a New York City based documentary filmmaker.

    I direct, edit and write stories that translate life to cinema.

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  3. Life Is But A Dream

    HBO (90 min)
    • Directed by Beyoncé Knowles, Ed Burke and Ilan Benatar
    • Written by Ilan Benatar, Ed Burke
    • Edited by Ilan Benatar
    • Interview by Ilan Benatar
    A portrait of Beyoncé strips away the veneer of stardom to display the extraordinary gifts that have made this 16-time grammy winner, entrepreneur and actress a global phenomenon.
  4. Patrolman P.

    (90 min)
    • Directed by Ido Mizrahy
    • Written by Ido Mizrahy, Geoff Gray and Ilan Benatar
    • Edited by Ilan Benatar and Jeremy Cogan
    This documentary tells the story of a corrupt cop in the 1970's who testified against his fellow NYPD corrupt officers. He spent the next 33 years in prison for a double homicide that he claims he didn't commit. Now at age 77, he is out to clear his name and prove that he was framed as retaliation for betraying his fellow officers.
  5. Year of 4

    MTV, VH1, BET (22 min)
    • Directed by Beyoncé Knowles and Ed Burke
    • Written by Ilan Benatar and Ido Mizrahy
    • Edited by Ilan Benatar
    Year of 4 documents the year-long personal and artistic journey that inspired Beyoncé's fourth solo album, 4.
  6. Barack Obama: A People's President

    PBS, 90 min
    • Directed by Danny Schechter
    • Written by Ilan Benatar
    • Edited by Ilan Benatar
    Despite the pundits and against the odds, President Barack Obama seized the historical election victory heralded around the world. This documentary explores the unparalleled grassroots campaign that transformed a nation. Interviews with media analysts, journalists, activists and others shed light on Obama's effective use of the Internet and social networks to spread his message and rally his ardent supporters.
  7. Execution Chronicles

    • Directed by Ilan Ziv
    • Edited by Ilan Benatar
    On April 5, 2002, Mark Stroman, a 32-year-old stone cutter from Dallas, entered Texas death row for the murder of 2 people during the three weeks after the September 11th terrorist attacks. The press labeled the murders: Texas's first post 9/11 hate crime. Stroman himself claimed that blinded by rage, he killed to avenge the United States.
  8. Jesus Politics

    ARTE, Channel 4 (90 min)
    • Directed by Ilan Ziv
    • Edited by Ilan Benatar
    Alarmed by the prominent role of religion in the 2008 American presidential campaign, Ilan Ziv, an Israeli war veteran, decides to make a road trip to investigate this phenomenon.
  9. The Outstanding Mind-Bending Basketball Synergy Machine

    ESPN spot for TRIBECA Film Festival
    • Directed by Adam Hootnick
    • Edited by Ilan Benatar
    ESPN spot for TRIBECA Film Festival